Atlanta-A human trafficking hub?

Human trafficking happens everywhere. Big cities, small towns, or anywhere you can imagine. Any person, at any time, can find a victim they can buy by simply searching the Internet. Some random person can fly into a town at 5 pm, buy a young girl from their pimp, and be out of town by 8 pm. It’s so easy, yet why would anyone morally pay to have sex with a child? I don’t have an answer for that. To me it is disgusting.

The question of why people traffic innocent people is a little easier to answer. Money. Money. Money. CNN‘s article on human trafficking centered around human trafficking within Atlanta, Georgia. The article used credible data  from the Urban Institute and the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. With a price tag on each victim, a pimp makes money off of selling innocent people to random strangers. According to the article,the sex industry in Atlanta alone brings in$290 million a year with some pimps making more than $32,ooo a week. That’s $4,571.43 a day and $1,668,571 a year. That’s more
money than most people dream of as they work their legal, 9-5 job to support their family. Atlanta is a big city. People partynightly, fly in and out for various things, there are hotels everywhere, making Atlanta a prime location for pimps to make the most money.

As most people would, the CNN article has a bias towards the victims of human trafficking. From the first hand story of a victim to the title “Victim’s, not prostitutes,” the article obviously sympathizes with the victims, but whowouldn’t? AnyoneStop Human Trafficking Graphicthat thinks beyond money and continually monitors the rightand wrong aspect of their actions would sympathize with the victims. Although there was a bias, the bias did not effect the data stated within the article. Human trafficking is a multimillion dollar illegal practice around the world. It needs to be stopped. Be aware. Share your knowledge. End human trafficking.




*Images from the FBI on Human Trafficking and Project Set Me Free


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