Human Trafficking and the Super Bowl

When one thinks of the Super Bowl, human trafficking is not the first thing that comes to mind. Football, commercials, partying are much more likely to be connected with the Super Bowl, but to the shock of many people, the Super Bowl is one of the largest human trafficking events in the country. Ab4a9e603263727d8cc5b915927d7a65eccording to Deseret News, the Super Bowl in 2010 brought in 10,000 prostitutes, many trafficking victim, and in 2011, 133 people were arrested for sex with minors. In the ten days surrounding the big game, the adds for sex trafficking victims spike. Thousands of adds are posted, yet there is no way for police to respond to all of them.

At Super Bowl 50 last week, at least 30 arrests for so alleged solicitation were made and more than 40 possible human trafficking victims were discovered. One person caught in the sting was the Denver Broncos safety Ryan Murphy. Shocking… The Santa Clara Country Sheriff’s Office was preparing for this0201opedshi-blog427 event and increased their efforts to root out human trafficking and prostitution around the Super Bowl. The year before, almost 600 arrests were made and 68 victims were rescued following a sting centered around the Super Bowl.

The data within the article involving the number of arrests and victims saved was valid because they received the data from the police based on arrests made involving human trafficking, but the data surrounding the number of adds cannot be 100% trusted. Since human trafficking is illegal, it is hard to quantify the sheer amount of human trafficking occurring. It is just impossible to ask every pimp how many victims he or she may have. Unfortunately if the data on the adds is correct, the 40 victims found is only
around 4% of the adds posted all over prior to the Super Bowl. I find the data revolting. It makes sense that pimps will bring their property to a very large event to be sold. They want to make money. Money is everything and they will get money at the Super Bowl, especially considering Super Bowl tickets cost thousands of dollars. If people can afford that, they can afford any victim they want.

As I find more and more data surrounding the epidemic of human trafficking, the more research I want to do, but how? It will be hard. It will be tiresome. It needs to be done. The little statistics known on human trafficking are repulsive. I cannot imagine the sheer disgust found when all encompassing data is found surrounding human trafficking. Hopefully as more data arises, more people start to notice the epidemic and will try to help make a change in the world of human trafficking. Human trafficking is like drugs. The pimp is the drug dealer and the victims are the drugs. The pimps make millions. It is a lucrative field, but it is illegal. It is diminishing to victims. It needs to be stopped.


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